Dream Oddities

The first thing you should know is that I rarely remember my dreams. No idea why–I assume I dream with the same general frequency as other humans–but unless I happen to wake up at the right time, my sleep might as well have been as empty as a TV turned to a dead channel.

I think I stole that simile from Neil Gaiman. Or is it a metaphor? I dunno, but I never metaphor I didn’t like.

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New Year, Then

New Year’s Day. I’ve had a blog in mind — a couple of them, actually — since about the Winter Solstice, because in a lot of ways, the dark of the year seems like a more reasonable closing of the old year, so the day after would make a better beginning. But we have what we have, regardless of the calendar you use, so instead, A Comparison of the Life I Was Living two years ago (end of 2011, to be slightly more precise), and the one I’m living now, which will be here. The tale of two years ago will mostly come from posts on Making Light.

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Thanks to my friend Stew, I’ve just discovered a business called Pollen Arts (two links there, FB and their Etsy shop). As you will discover when you visit those links — and you should! — you’ll find that Peter and Juwels pour truly amazing pure-beeswax candles from molds based on antique bottles, everything from ink bottles and Mason jars to liquor jugs. Very cool stuff.

Anyway, now that we’re past the autumnal equinox and officially into fall, p&j do giveaways on the first Friday of the month. Well, they leave the “window” open until midnight Sunday, but it starts on Friday. And their current contest query? (Ooohh, how audio-ly alliterative of me! Auditorially? I dunno, something sound-related, anyway…)

“we thought a nice theme to ask people to comment on some of their favorite things about this season ; ) Apple picking, that extra wool blanket, crunchy red and orange leaves … “

And I thought about it. It’s kind of an odd thing for me to consider since I live in the San Fernando Valley and while I know SoCal does have seasons, they’re rather more subtle that what you get in cooler climes, leaves a riot of red and gold and snow on the ground and such.

I think I found it, though, what I like about fall. Then I realized it was going to tie into things I’ve been thinking about over the last couple of years and…see what you’ve done now, p&j? You made me BLOG! 😀 So…here we go.

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