On weekdays, the shelter staff wakes us up at 6:00 AM.  On weekends and holidays, it’s 7:00 AM, and oh, the luxury of sleeping in!  Assuming, of course, that none of the day clients — folks who come in to take showers and/or eat breakfast/lunch and/or just hang out — show up early and get into loud arguments at 5:30, which happens more often than any of the residents would like.

I get it that the fact I’m a resident makes me more privileged, as a homeless person, than someone who’s sleeping in a vehicle or on a blanket in a park or wherever, and I should be glad for the bed regardless of how long I actually get to sleep.  But getting awakened by loud, nasty voices hurling profanities and insults?  I doubt that’s anyone’s cup of tea.

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My First Spam!

My new blog’s first spam attempt — I’m so proud! Although I didn’t notice the date, just that I had spam in the bucket, I’m pretty sure it showed up on Day 1, and normally I’d delete it without a second look. But when I read it, I just had to share.

In this prime example of spamaliciousness, the point was the link in the commenter’s name (of which I have deprived you without a moment of remorse), not the 97 words that make up the content of the post — wait, 96, because there’s an extra space in there dividing up a word. This truth will become glaringly obvious.

Have fun. 🙂

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