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366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 24

I was on the west side of town yesterday for my facial appointment (***waves at Marion***) with no intention to do anything more exciting on the way home than stop for a couple of groceries where I switch buses. When I reached my stop on the west side, I noticed a billboard for the latest Circque de Soleil show, Kurios, which I hadn’t even known existed until that moment.

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Long about 4:30 in the morning, Mom put the beans in the oven.

Two earthenware crocks, a gallon or so each I’d guess.  One tallish, about as big around as a salad plate, the other shorter but big around as a dinner plate.  Which came in handy, since Mom used an old salad plate — white with a green stripe around the rim — as the lid for the tall crock and a cracked blue willow dinner plate as the lid for the other.  A pound of beans apiece, Great Northerns (her preferred bean) or navy beans, picked over for pebbles or broken bits or shriveled specimens and poured into the crocks with water almost to the top of the crock, put to soak about 4:30 the afternoon before.

Soak 12 hours, bake 12 hours in a slow oven.  That was Mom’s rule of thumb. Continue reading


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