366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 84

Going-away party last night. It was a lovely shindig at a very cool bar on the west side, not in the sense of trendy-cool but more because it had a welcoming atmosphere and offered very much not your average beverages. Even their well drinks were made with quality ingredients. None of which I can recall at the moment, except Evan Williams whiskey figured prominently in a few of them and that was the brand we had the most of at Fort Whiskey at Burning Man last year (and I wouldn’t doubt there will be a repeat this year, assuming we can all score tickets). And no, the lack of memory has nothing to do with how much I drank, as I had one bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer and then called it quits because a long bus ride while intoxicated sounded like not a whole lot of fun.

The person going away is one of the good friends I met while working at the physical therapy clinic in 2011. The one where I went to work one Sunday and when I tried to unlock the door, my key wouldn’t work. At which point I planned to call the owner and discovered Owner had called me, probably about the time I was pulling out of the driveway, to say “Don’t come in, plumbing problems.” And we had been told earlier in the week that homeless guy who camped out in the alley behind the building told the owner someone had been trying to get into the building the weekend before, so I didn’t really find the changed locks all that hard to believe.

By the time I got home, though, the merde had hit the fan.

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366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 41

My friend picked me up this morning even though it wasn’t raining…which was a good thing because I beat my snooze alarm too damned many times to get out of the house on time…because I knew my friend was giving me a ride.

Seems kinda circular, doesn’t it?

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366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 35

So there’s this author named Neil Gaiman. I don’t know how I found him; it may have been by way of Wil Wheaton, or possibly John Scalzi. Don’t remember anymore.  🙂  What I do remember is being intrigued enough by Mr. G’s blog to start looking up his published works (Neverwhere — there’s a London Below the London we know… — and American Gods — What if all the gods humans have ever worshiped are real? And what happens when the humans bring their gods with them to America? — are two of my favorite books ever).

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366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 31

Day 31, a day late: for 12/27/15.

Short and to the point: on this day, I was grateful for good friends, four-day weekends, pumpkin butter syrup (oh, yum…), the dedication of our firefighters, the fact our dedicated firefighters got the brush fire knocked down far enough to reopen the main freeway and thus save me a 5+ hour drive home, and my kittehs (who were very happy to see the Provider of Food and Skritches).

It doesn’t take much sometimes. 🙂