I’m a formerly middle-class homeless person in my early 50s.  I haven’t been here–that is, homeless–long, relatively speaking, and I am working on not being homeless.

Getting back to middle class has the potential to be more of a chore.  Progress will likely be measured in nickels and dimes, if not pennies.

I believe I’ll get there.  I just have trouble seeing how.

In this case, “homeless” means “lacking accommodations I can call my own, either through outright ownership or rental/lease means.”  Yes, I’ve slept in my car.  Not often, fortunately–but I’m glad I had the option when it became necessary.  I’ve never had to sleep outside, and I hope to avoid it.  Like I hope to avoid a whole bunch of other stuff related to being homeless.

This blog is going to be a place where I can think out loud, in a sense, as well as more straightforward “this is what my life looks like today” commentary.  If I can pull it together properly, it might even wind up as the basis of a book.

Ghu knows it would be nice if I could, at some point in the future, make money from relating life as experienced while I was broke.

I think that’s called irony.

Anyway, a little on housekeeping: this is the Internet equivalent of my living room.  Feel free to disagree, but be polite about it, please–comments are moderated, and I reserve the right to delete posts, or disemvowel them, as I see fit.


One thought on “About

  1. I would bet that you could make money at some point ironically from this.

    There are a lot of people going through similar things- perhaps not to the T, but at any rate, people losing homes due to mortgages and the economy and things like that.

    I don’t know much about the writing world but I do see that your sentences make me want to read on and you express yourself clearly. I would seriously not put it past you to create a book from this that many Americans could relate to, especially in the recent past. So, if your confidence in writing things down ever needs boosting, please remember that someone out there really believes in you, your story, and your talent!

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