366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 106

I was going to write about ikigai, but I found an exercise related to it and I’d like to plow through it a time or two and see what comes up first. So instead, I shall mention that this is the anniversary of my first day at a job where I had spent not quite half my life, based on when that company outsourced my department and we started working for someone else.

Someone (in the corporate sense) with 43 times as many employees worldwide, with a corporate culture that sucked sewer water, where we made money hand over fist the first 2 years because buying company agreed to treat us, for performance review and raise and bonus purposes, as if we were still employed by Selling Company. And after which we were nothing more than cogs living with the ongoing threat that our jobs would be outsourced to Southeast Asia because it would be so much cheaper.

No word about the skillsets and client knowledge and goodwill that might be lost in such a transition. It was all about the bottom line.

I won’t say I was 100% happy in my job at Selling Company, and monetarily, the change to Buying Company worked in my favor (I would comment now about if I’d known then what I know now, etc., but frankly, that way lies madness and I’m tired of beating myself up over what I didn’t know). This was, however, a rather large life lesson in how money, although necessary for survival in the world in which I live, isn’t everything. How being appreciated goes a long way toward making otherwise unpleasant things bearable. How engaging in self-defeating behaviors is…well, that should be obvious.

And I was self-defeating. I did so many things to shoot myself in the foot, even when I made the decision to get out of there for my mental health.

I am grateful for the learning experience — and I sincerely hope never to repeat it!

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