366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 104

Pet peeve: the eternal upward inflection? Taylor Mali did a piece on this several years ago, and it still rings true for me.

Primarily because I sit within hearing range of someone who speaks this way all. The. Damned. Time. Or should I say, “Time?”?

I don’t know why it irks me so. It does, it has for a long time, although Mali’s piece might have crystallized it for me, made me hyper-aware of the speech pattern. But it gets under my skin to the point I want to shake the speaker until their teeth rattle and say, “Do you mean what you’re saying or not? It’s purely informational, it isn’t a damned question every single minute! Say it like you mean it!”

Which would of course get me nowhere, since it isn’t my job (either literally or metaphorically) to tell people how to communicate. But damn, it grates. And I do my best to NOT do it, so please, if you know me live and in person and ever hear me do it, please point it out.

No, really. Be kind about it, if you would, but tell me so I can get rid of it posthaste.  🙂

Between this and the knuckle-crackers, there are times I feel I spend the whole day in a permanent cringe.

Still grateful to have the job, though.  🙂


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