366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 102

Couple of updates on previously blogged incidents!

Was there any fallout regarding my flipping off the group of high-school boys? Nope. Only saw a couple of them over the next couple of days, then it was spring break — which I cherish because it means the students are…elsewhere! Usually. I did see a couple of the boys on the bus while school was out, but if they were trash talking, they did it quietly. And then break was over, and still no fallout. I still hear them talking trash about girls and women, but not to the same degree. And also, still more quietly, so it irks me but doesn’t give me just cause to tell them to shut it.


The debacle at work…turned out not to be a debacle. I spent the weekend either beating myself up over my part in the series of unfortunate events (with apologies to Lemony Snicket), or attempting to talk myself out of beating myself up. When I got in on Monday and Direct Report asked how my weekend was, and I mentioned the above, the response I got?

“Not even CFO is worrying about that anymore. Cut yourself some slack.”

Okay then. As it happened, it was payday that week, and I opened the envelope with a hint of trepidation. Unnecessary trepidation, as it turned out: although no one had mentioned a raise, I did get one. About 4%. And this is another reason I can put up with the things that occasionally peeve me, since every raise I’ve gotten has been equal to or greater than the local cost of living index.

This makes me happy. I’m going to settle in to the new pay range for a few more weeks, and then I will probably (a) find myself a credit union with an eye toward a secured credit card (credit repair, here I come!) and (b) boost the automatic payments I’m making to a couple of the entities to whom I owe many bucks. Fewer now, fortunately, but it would be nice to knock the balances down even a bit faster.

The Burning Man fund is still healthy and has enabled me to buy a tent (six feet tall! I can stand up inside to get dressed! And it was on sale!), two standard sleeping bags to zip together (I’m not generally claustrophobic, but a standard sleeping bag makes me feel too constricted, and I couldn’t find any two-person bags at a decent price — and the ones I bought were also on sale!), and two camp chairs (yes, also sale, 2-for-1!). Which pretty much leaves a cooler, getting Original Gift Bike rehabbed (new brakes; new brake handles, since one actually BROKE OFF when the bike fell over during a windy night; and possibly changing it from a multi-speed that doesn’t switch gears to a one-speed) and buying a bicycle pump, and some weathertight bins because the ones I bought for last year don’t close tightly enough.

No, still no ticket/vehicle pass. Sign-up for the next opportunity to buy through the BMorg (Burning Man organization. Also occasionally called the B-org, pronounced “borg” and if you ever watched Star Trek: the Next Generation and other of the later series, you will probably understand why that makes me laugh)…I do keep getting lost in the parentheticals tonight, don’t I? At any rate, next opp through the org opens the week after my friends The Novelists have their CD release show on April 23. They got a really nice write-up in one of the local magazines, too — check them out in RTT – Renoe Tahoe Tonight! Also, if you follow the link to the magazine, do check out the back cover: it’s the poster for the show, photographed and designed by a talented Reno photog named Anicia Beckwith, and It. Is. Spectacular. And drool-worthy.

Happy, happy camper here.  😀



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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 102

  1. (Rising out of lurkerdom.) I hopped over here after you stood up and waved on Making Light a while back, and am enjoying your blog. Glad to hear the thing at work was just one of those things, not one of THOSE things.

  2. Syd

    ***waves at otterb***

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