366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 97

You know those memes that encourage you to do something you’ve never done before? That happened today, but I don’t think it’s quite what the meme writer had in mind.

Namely and to wit, today I flipped off a bunch of trash-talking high school boys.

Yes, I know, there’s probably some school of thought that says trash-talking is what high school boys do. The unfortunate thing, from my perspective, is that (a) since I was in a sideways-facing seat and one of them was sitting in a forward-facing seat right next to me, he was practically shouting in my ear (which is NEVER a good way to start the day, in my opinion), and (b) he was trash-talking about college girls playing volleyball, more specifically about how certain portions of women’s bodies move during an activity of that sort. And I have read rather a lot of posts recently about calling guys out for doing crap like that. So the kid makes a remark that just went right over the top for me, and I turned to him, looked him dead in the eye, and said, “That is ENOUGH.”

He seemed a bit dumbfounded, and shortly thereafter he and most of his friends relocated to the back of the bus. The one who didn’t move at the same time appeared to be halfway between laughing at me and wondering if I’d do anything else, head kind of down but glancing my direction. So I said, “Think it’s funny?” He said yes, and I told him to try growing up. Soon after, he moved to the back as well, and the one I’d spoken to first decided to do an instant-replay imitation of me.

It was at that point I turned, looked him dead in the eye again, and flipped him off.

I don’t know if he/they aren’t used to the idea of grown-ups flipping them off, or what, but you know, I don’t much care.

Realistically, I know I made absolutely no difference in that boy’s life. I’m sure he and his friends will continue to trash-talk girls and women until, maybe, someone important to them tells them just how stupid it sounds. And I have no idea if tomorrow they’ll let it drop, ramp it up in hopes of getting another reaction, or what. I’m not proud, because I feel like I lost my cool, but again, if no one says anything in response to crap like that, it will never stop.

So if I derailed them for even five minutes, I’m calling it a good thing.  ***goes off to practice a smile that says “no matter what you say, it’s just the babbling of some child who doesn’t know how to be a real grown-up, and frankly you aren’t worth any more of my time”***


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One response to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 97

  1. Syd, one of them felt like shit afterwards. I guarantee one.

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