366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 94

First, in case anyone was wondering, yes, I do go back and read comments. It’s just that I usually read them at work, and since I assume the existence of a keylogger on all the workstations, I prefer not to sign in from work. And by the time I get home, I’m either too focused on a new blog post (or spending time beating myself for not posting — hey, I thought I said I was going to stop doing that…) or too far down the Book of Face rabbit hole to remember to re-read and comment back. Usually. I’ll work on it.

Anyway. A Blog Post! Really!

Last Friday started out like the most Mondayish Monday that ever Mondayed:

Despite getting up a few minutes earlier than usual, I still managed to get out of the house late enough to miss my bus and had to cab it to work. Dammit. Once at work, I found out there had been a glitch in the check run I’d submitted the day before, so the checks that should have gone out Friday morning, didn’t. Then there was finding the problem (group effort on that one), fixing it, making sure the fix worked…which it did, hurray and all that.

At which point the “where’s our money?” questions started popping up, not a huge number of them but enough to take a larger bite out of the morning than was helpful, so I was behind on my normal Friday stuff, ended up without enough time to file the last few weeks’ worth of invoices, so that’s going to be a must this Friday (ask me if I already feel like I’m falling behind for this week).

Other than that, though, the afternoon was much more Fridayish than Mondayish. I still had to stop on the way home for a cashier’s check to pay my rent, but the bus I needed arrived on time (yay!). Unfortunately, the bus I needed to connect to was already at the stop catty-corner from where I exited bus number 1, and the lights were against me. But being Friday, it was Casual Day, so I was wearing jeans and tennies, e.g., clothes and shoes I could comfortably walk in. So I did. Walk in them. Three longish blocks to the bank.

And the bank was uncrowded, and I got my cashier’s check in jig time, and the teller waived the $10 fee (another yay!) and I was done and at the bus stop in time to catch the limited back to my place and walked in the door at just about the time I would have if I hadn’t had to run an errand.

Also on the plus side, the landlady had asked if she could use “my” yard to get stuff that had been in storage into the sheds in the back yard, and if so, could I leave my gate unlocked. Which I did, and was pleasantly surprised to see that in “payment” for said permission to pass through, she or whoever was helping her move stuff had gone through the side yard with a weed-whacker. Since I had planned to ask her for the loan of a pair of hedge clippers to accomplish that task, I was very very happy I could skip that.

Color me grateful for comfortable walks and kind efficient tellers who waive fees and riding the limited and my landlady, with whom I may not agree on much of anything from a political or religious standpoint but who appreciates me as a reliable tenant.  🙂



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  1. Monday’s suck ‘specially On a Friday or a Thursday. I have never, ever been a yard/garden person, so Whoot for you even wanting to borrow a yard tool.

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