366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 93

Under the category of Stuff We Don’t Do Anymore (or Not Often, Anyway) falls this little gem:

My landlady is sometimes not prompt with rent invoices. She still gives us three days to pay, but there are times I feel as if it’s really throwing my budget for a loop not to know on the first how much I have to pay (flat base rent plus variable utilities).

Not depositing my check until the middle of the month, or later, also requires me to keep subtracting the rent from my bank balance and causes me to worry I’ll forget to subtract it and blow my budget in a big way. Hasn’t happened, but still, it’s on my mind.

What has not been at the top of my mind was keeping track of how many checks I had left.

Because I write maybe two checks a month: one for rent, one for my stylist (who says she’s considering an online payment option, but if it charges more in fees than her bank, I wouldn’t blame her for sticking with the current system). At any rate, went to the stylist over the weekend, and wrote the last check in the book to her. I was going to dig out the box when I got home and put a new checkbook in my bag, but I stopped off for lunch first, then came home and puttered around on the Internet, and yes, it’s all leading up to, I forgot to put a new checkbook in my bag.

I get home tonight and find Landlady has left the rent invoice — yay! Came inside, dropped my stuff, fed the cats, and then went to the drawer wherein lay the poor beaten-up box containing my last book of checks with address of my former home (which, yes, lost it in December 2011, so that tells you as well as words how few checks I write!).

Discovered that what I’d thought was the very last checkbook was actually the check register. Meaning I have no checks on hand to pay my rent. This is an annoyance. It’s even more of an annoyance because I’ve been planning to move from my bank to a credit union, assuming I can find one that’s close enough to be useful and also has a secured credit card with a reasonable interest rate, and figured there was no point in ordering a new batch of checks for an account I didn’t plan to keep.

My task for tomorrow after work is to get a cashier’s check from my bank to pay my rent. I ordered checks online tonight but they won’t arrive for a week. And even though I paid about half what my bank’s check source charges, for the next-to-minimum quantity, I still will be left with a few checkbooks’ worth of shreddable material when I finally get around to making the jump to a CU.

On the other hand, I’m grateful to have a branch of my bank close enough to make stopping tomorrow evening feasible, and maybe this was a good thing if it nudges me into serious investigation of my local CU options.

On the other other hand…I wrote the last check with my old address on it. End of an era, that.



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  1. I really….as in really…..know a woman who thought that as long as she had checks, she had money in the bank. Really. She knows differently now as does her husband.

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