366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 90

Had an interesting conversation at work on Friday. Which means had I been posting these on time, I couldn’t have posted it for Day 90 because that was on Thursday. But I’m indulging in creative license if it helps me not fall any farther behind on these, so there you go.

Anyway. Interesting conversation.

I was upstairs attempting to track down the origin of a mystery shipment on one of our freight invoices (yes, that’s part of my job. Exciting, no?

No. But necessary sometimes, and it got me away from my desk, so that was nice. To continue, I sat down at one of the terminals in the copy-and-supplies room to see if I could find the shipment details, and one of the buyers came in. This buyer fits the majority (or plurality, anyway) demographic for country of ancestry, and I had concluded said buyer also fit the religious demographic as well. So you can imagine my surprise when, after a bit of minor chitchat, said buyer asks me if I knew what was so special about the last Friday in March that their kid’s day care place would have labeled it as “good” Friday and be open only a half-day.

I don’t think I visibly boggled, but I definitely did so inside. So I explained the origin of Good Friday, and the buyer said, “Oh, well, no wonder I didn’t know.” At which point it became clear that I’m not, in fact, the only atheist in the building, and that the buyer was also not raised in any religion and never picked it up later. And the buyer even said there are a few more of us in residence…but no one says much about it.

I am almost tempted to see if I could start a freethinkers’ group to meet weekly during lunch. Maybe on the same day as the weekly Bible study… Only almost, though, because (a) I’ve never been all that great at organizing stuff like this and (b) I doubt it would be popular with management. While I seriously doubt any of the higher-ups would do anything legally actionable to quash such a group, just knowing that management disapproved (assuming they did) would likely put a damper on the idea.

But on the other hand…do we see how many assumptions I’m making? Based on prior behavior in other areas (such as the head honcho on the subject of tattoos, for one example, and his opening the second Christmas luncheon I attended by noting that last year someone had said they were made uncomfortable by the opening prayer and that was never the intention, we were inclusive, yada yada yada and then went right ahead with another opening prayer…), I admit I think my assumptions have at least some basis in reality, but I can’t know for sure.

Unless I really want to try to start such a group, and you know? If the only reason I can think of to do it is to potentially peeve management, it’s the wrong reason. Because while this may not be the job I want to do for the rest of my life, it’s still a decent job and it is serving a purpose at the moment.

All in all, though, finding out I’m not the only nonbeliever in the building was kind of nice.  🙂




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  1. Couldn’t you start a free-thinker’s group at lunch only not call it that officially? Just some co-workers getting together to philosophize…

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