366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 68

Onward and upward, or something like that, in the great catching-up effort: Day 68 for 2/2/16, since 2/2’s post was actually for 2/1…

Confused yet? I know I am!

Anyway. Yes. So one of my friends shared a meme on the Book of Face that said, “I’m resetting my New Year to February 1. January was a practice month.” There is a part of me that can get behind that idea.

If I do, though — if I call February my personal New Year — and if it is therefore supposed to be the harbinger of what the rest of the year will be like…then work-wise, it’s gonna kick my booty.

Monday morning was more OMFSM CREDIT HOLD WHERE IS R MUNNIES and ordinary past-due queries and I lost an hour to new-employee training (presenting, not attending) and the pile of invoices was tall and the exception items were many and the other interruptions were also many and oh look here’s a bunch of invoices we didn’t get until they’re past due and my goodness isn’t that a stack all on its own, all of which meant I was about half a day behind by the time I left Monday night.

And Tuesday, while not quite so bad as Monday, had enough other things crop up, plus more invoice exceptions, that I offered to stay late to get more processing done because otherwise there would be no way in hell we’d be able to submit the check file to the bank by close of business today. I even said I’d take it as “make-up time”, i.e., leave early on Friday rather than ask for overtime pay. Not that I’m in any way averse to OT, of course, but I try to save those requests for when the work has seriously piled up for reasons beyond my control and there’s no way anyone else could help me because the ones who are trained on my job are either out of the office or too swamped themselves to have time.

It was worth it, but it wasn’t quite enough to get me back on track, and instead of handing off the check run by lunchtime, which is how it usually goes, I finished at about 4:00 PM. This means I’m well behind on at least two other things before I even get off the bus tomorrow morning.


^That’s sarcasm, by the way.

And to put the artificially colored and flavored maraschino cherry on the long day that was yesterday, as I waited for my bus I heard a crunching noise across the street and looked over to find there’d been a minor fender-bender. Or perhaps bumper-cruncher is more accurate, because it didn’t look too bad from where I was standing. Whichever, Driver of the Car That was Hit gets out — still in the traffic lane, mind you — and goes to the window of the Car That Did the Hitting. Based on the gestures, the drivers agreed to pull around the corner to do the Inspection for Damage and the Exchanging of ID and Insurance.

Driver of the Car That was Hit goes back to his car, signals a lane change and turned the corner. Almost as soon as he did so, the Driver of the Car That Did the Hitting pulled a grossly illegal u-turn and disappeared. It took the other driver only a couple of minutes to realize he’d been had, so then HE pulled an illegal u-turn and a poorly time right turn to get back on the main road.

Today I am grateful for supervisors who understand when Stuff Just Needs to Get Done and are flexible about my working late. I am also grateful for the lesson of the accident, to wit, perish forbid (heh) I should ever be in an accident again, but if I am and my car is the one that got smooshed by the car behind, the first thing I’m going to do when I get out of the car is take a picture of the front end of the car that hit me. Including a nice clear view of the license plate. So that, if this hypothetical driver leaves the scene of the hypothetical accident without the Exchange of Information taking place, I’ll be able to report it to the police and my insurance company. Even if I’m not physically damaged, there’s probably some kind of penalty for leaving the scene…


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