366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 67

I’m not a technophobe.

I’m not a Luddite.

I can follow directions.

So why is it switching over to a new computer is such a pain in the ass?

Last time I did this, I did it the hard way, with a thumb drive and lots of copying and pasting from old to new. Which worked with documents and photos and such, but not so much for games and other useful programs.

Yes, I consider games useful: brain breaks are a good thing, at least within limits. Not when they suck you in to the point you don’t get anything else done, but sometimes you do have to let the mind drift a while, or focus on something else so you can go back the the important stuff and focus on it instead.

This time, I decided to get a file-transfer program. Came with the software and an ethernet cable to do the actual transfer. And I read the directions first, installed the software on the old and new machines in the proper order, plugged in the cable…

I think I spent most of my waking hours on Sunday (and yes, I did sleep in a bit, but it was a lovely rainy blustery day, so I think I was entitled to snug down for a while. The cats certainly didn’t complain about their heat source remaining stationary for longer than usual.) following the damned directions and still failed miserably to successfully transfer so much as bit of data. Out came the thumb drive, copied my documents to it, thence to the new machine, because there are docs I use on a regular basis.

Then there’s been the fun and games in getting onto my standard websites and realizing that maybe the last time I changed the password on Site A, I forgot to record the new password…and since I had my browser save the passwords for me, I forgot I’d forgotten to record them. So this evening I tried to access Mail Program 2, found my password (as last recorded) wouldn’t work, clicked the link to reset my password…

And found myself on the site for my cell service, because the email account was originally opened when I had a DSL modem and it was “all part o the service”. Go through the process to reset my password on the cell site, back over to the email account…and I still can’t log in. Which is annoying as hell, even if it isn’t my primary account.

Of course, this is all so much a first-world problem. Compared to the things I was worrying about four years ago this time, it’s a problem I’m grateful to have.  🙂





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3 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 67

  1. jp

    I would argue that if the computer is pretty much your entire life, it’s not first world anymore, it IS the world. Which hasn’t been enough to make me do regular backups or keep my passwords compiled somewhere, but still.

  2. I have a backup drive…..however, I am computer stupid and were it not for Steve none of you would know who I am.

  3. Syd

    ***nods in agreement***

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