366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 65

The main reason I got behind on posting (she said as she works on what she intended to post on 1/30/16, a.k.a., Day 65) is that I found out the Flix That Uses Nets (why should I give them any Google-fu, I already subscribe  😉  ) was dropping Doctor Who as of February 1 and I had a couple of seasons to catch up on.

Catching up. It’s a trend!

Not really.

Anyway. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing both of Capaldi’s seasons listed, and I had to finish up Matt Smith’s final season, and even for me, that’s a lot of viewing time. But I was determined, because I really like the show. Mostly. Overall. I think, however, that I figured out why binge-watching is probably not my thing, for the most part:

Character traits that are amusing to mildly annoying watching in small doses become horribly annoying in large doses.

As an example, and winding back a few seasons, I got so. Damned. Tired. of Amy and Rory. Not that they didn’t have some killer story lines/episodes — the Silence, the Pandorica, Vincent Van Gogh — but the way the interpersonal dynamic between Amy and Rory whiplashed between love-verging-on-adoration to sniping and backbiting sets my teeth on edge after a few eps in a row. Also, not the world’s biggest fan of Matt Smith’s Doctor. (Your mileage may vary.)

It was kind of the same thing when I decided to rewatch Quantum Leap. Still an excellent show overall, with some truly wonderful performances by both Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, but I didn’t recall the semireligious overtones being quite so prominent. And I have to admit, my own viewpoint on religion/spirituality/etc. has changed considerably from what it was when I first watched the show, so those elements might seem more prominent now because I’m paying more attention.

But back to the main point, I was unsuccessful in my quest to watch two and a half seasons of Doctor Who between Friday night (hence no post) and Sunday at midnight. Partly due to my wonky Internet connection (darned broken clip on the cable), and partly because I simply had to stop a while and do something else. I enjoyed the initial mystery of Clara, and the Paternoster Gang is so far out there as to be wonderful fun; and yet, breaks to putter around on FB and read were a necessity.

So I don’t know what happens in the Who-verse after the North Pole episode, because that’s the one I finished watching just after midnight today. I will say I like Capaldi’s Doctor overall, although the combo of the dour Scots personality and the Doctor’s tendency to not pay attention to the people around him and call them by the wrong names, or by some characteristic instead of a name, is another of those tings that gets wearing upon repeated exposure.

None of which means I’m not pissed as hell that the Flix’s contract with the Beeb has run its course. I want my Who back, dammit!  😉

Oh, dear. I’ve just realized I’ve talked about things in a post that should have been Saturday’s that I wouldn’t have known at the time. Well. To quote River Song, spoilers!


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  1. jp

    I hope my affection for Star Trek overrides my lack thereof for Dr. Who, which I’m sure I would like if I only gave it a chance. But it’s been on for like, 100 years. There’s no catching up with that 🙂

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