366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 64

Yikes, two days to catch up on instead of just one. Not my best move, but a learning experience, perhaps. Anyway, what should have been January 29’s post follows…

I kind of like Fridays now. Not that I didn’t before, mind you, but since we changed how we do check runs, Friday now has time for me to play catch-up, to a certain extent.

My desk is…disorganized. It has always been disorganized. It was disorganized in my last go-round in Corporate America, both pre- and post-outsourcing. And it’s disorganized for exactly the same reason as my living space: in general, I can find what I need, and there’s usually something more important to do than file (or at home, something more fun than decluttering).

Because, with apologies to Ben Franklin, there is nothing certain in this life except death, taxes…and housework, however you define it and wherever it takes place.

It is, therefore, always something mentioned on my performance reviews, and I can’t blame them since just because I can find $Thing doesn’t mean anyone else would be able to if I were out of the office. At home, it translates to…stuff. Books and magazines, mostly, and not terribly organized storage of anything else.

This is a drawback when one lives in a very small space. But in the same way I have trouble cooking for one person instead of a crowd, I have trouble consolidating my stuff — before this, there was always room for it. Even if it was poorly organized, I could always get it out of sight in case of company, for example. But I no longer have the luxury of space.

Which means I have to learn how to be a stuff-wrangler. This is a challenge.

But it will be a good thing.



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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 64

  1. jp

    In so many years of apartments, and sometimes moving into smaller ones, downsizing my ilfe was common. It’s fun having the space now to not have to get rid of things whenever I get something new, and easy to see how life can accumulate. Control issues and OCD dictate that I must stay on top of it though 😛

  2. Steve is a hoarder. He has every single pharmacy periodical he ever subscribed to, he keeps AARP mags, tractor mags, my old People mags, bits pf paper with phone #’s and no names, just every big and little thing. He does have an amazing collection of airplane safety folders and stationary from hotels. Because I am a bitch it is contained in is office….and 5 garages in boxes that I mandated had to be put up on shelves. Amazingly, like you, he can readily find some small bit of something on his desk…..after I am gone he will be a TV episode.

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