366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 53

In Day 52’s post, you met Minerva. For Day 53’s post, you get to meet Houdini.

In Day’s 52’s post, I said all the kittens scattered when I came into my back yard a day or two after seeing the kitten who became Minerva. One of the Halloween kittens did not take off for the security of the crawlspace under the house, however, but scampered past me to the covered patio — and there, hid so well I couldn’t find it.

The next time I saw this Halloween kitten (the smaller of the two, with more well-defined tabby-type striping than the other one), it was standing with all four paws on the end cap of the six-foot support post for my next-door neighbor’s chain link fence. Taunting the neighbor’s pit bull, a rather obnoxious beast who had to raise a fuss each and every time I went into my own back yard. (Their other dog, a beagle mix, seemed sweet but got bullied by the pittie. Stupid thing. Nothing against the breed as a whole, but this individual was annoying as crap. Anyway, back to our story…)

“Hey, kitty”, I said to it, “you’d better get down from there! If you fall into their yard, that dog will eat you in two bites!” It looked at me as if it was actually listening, and then jumped down into my yard as dainty as you please and took off for the crawlspace. Well, between the disappearing act and the death-defying balancing act, I couldn’t have named it anything but Houdini.  🙂

Not long after I caught Minerva, I was able to get my hands on Houdini and quarantine her in the bathroom with her sister. They both seemed to be settling in okay, eating and drinking normally and letting me pet them as long as I make any sudden moves. By this time it was late June, I think, or early July, and I would leave the bathroom window open a bit for them. I’d had new windows put in after Steve died, double-thick double-paned windows with built-in stops so you could have the window open an inch or so and not worry about anyone pushing it open from outside — or kitties pushing it open from inside.

But I came home one day, went into the bathroom to check on them…and discovered I hadn’t set the latch. The window was open about five inches and the kittens had pushed the bottom of the screen out of the frame and escaped! I was heartbroken, not to mention scared: having escaped once, would they let me catch them again? In fact, were they even still there, and if they weren’t would they ever come back?

I don’t remember now how long it was before I saw them again, but I want to say it was only a day or two and there they both were, back in the back yard or disappearing under the house. A few days later, I managed to catch both of them again, and you had better believe I never forgot to latch the bathroom window!

Houdini is the cuddlebug of the bunch and seems happiest when she’s sitting on my chest curled up under my chin. When she isn’t knitting on my arm, and damned sharp claws she has, too, and does not at all like me trimming them. But then she comes back, walks along the sofa until she can climb onto me, purring like a jet engine the whole time. She is also not thrilled to be picked up, but tolerates it for a few moments longer than Minerva does.

So, here’s a photo of Houdini having transported herself to the top of a seven-foot-tall bookcase.


Houdini earns her name…again…

(Yes, I had an eclectic selection of books. Well, have. But yes. Eclectic.)

So, that’s Houdini’s tale. Tomorrow will be their sister Garbo.

I warned you it was gonna be cats all the way down…  😉



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5 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 53

  1. jp

    She is a cutie, and I love that she posed for the picture.

  2. I kept trying to read the titles of the books.

  3. Oh, I had a Houdini….named the same and the last one to catch of Pea’s babies. He was a master at hiding. I remember looking out Steve’s office window worrying about him and seeing him slowly come out of the pole building and just sit still and look at the sky. Your Houdini looks like she has beautiful coloring, and is an avid reader like you! Aren’t they amazing acrobats?

  4. I am living with and also visiting with cats. I had lost interest them during my Puggy Eras, but they are enchanting. I saw all your books and immediately wanted a detailed and enlarged photo. high regards, e

  5. What a cutie cutie cutie pie! They all are, frankly. I care not what ridicule’s heaped on kitties of the internet. They’re irresistible. Especially the book-loving kind.

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