366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 49

This is for 1/14/16. Yes, I’m a day late. Y’all still love me, though, right?  😉

Picking up where we left off, the weather at sunrise. Thursday and today couldn’t have been more different from Wednesday: today was all clouds, except a strip of open sky just above the hills to the east, where the sky wanted to be golden but was only a pale cream, and yesterday was fog right down to the deck, wet enough to leave the asphalt gleaming.

Not very poetic. On the other hand, not raining.

In other news, I earned my keep this week. Which is to say, I’d been fielding a lot of calls and emails from vendors looking for payment status on outstanding invoices, and realized on Tuesday, “Hey…these are almost all from the same check upload.” With the first few queries, I responded that the delay might be due to the combination of the New Year’s holiday and the weather. But the more queries I got that belonged to that same upload, the more I wondered if there was a problem. My direct supervisor had taken the day off to stay home with one of her kids, so I went to the coworker who had access to the bank’s website and asked if he could see if any of the checks from that batch had cleared.

Not only had nothing cleared, the upload was labeled as “pending confirmation”. Meaning the info was there, but instead of being In Teh Howse Payin Ur Venders, it was standing on the porch waiting for someone to answer the door. So to speak. We got that bit solved so the checks would get printed and mailed the next day, but there were, as usual, a bunch of invoices with discount terms, and half a dozen invoices of them accounted for nearly $1700 of the $1800 in discounts in the upload.

Guess who the CFO “voluntold” to call those 6 vendors to see if they’d let us keep the discounts despite the technical glitch?

I was wrapped up in prepping this week’s upload on Wednesday of the Glorious Sunrise and put off the calls until Thursday. Results of calls: 3 “yes, you can keep the discount”, 1 “we’ll probably ask for it back but I’ll let you know after management decides”, and 2 voicemails still unanswered. Unfortunately, those two are probably 60 percent of the total, but I’m not going to worry about it until they get back to me. Fingers crossed, though, because we have a long history of sizable orders with both of them.

Pretty pleased with myself for having said something *now* rather than continuing to assume it was a holiday-and-weather problem, because I’m pretty sure no one would have said yes to the discount request in another two weeks. And everyone else asking about them? No one seems particularly peeved about the delay because they got An Answer.

It’s amazing the extent to which a little respect and honesty can work in your favor.

Also, the amount I verified we could keep exceeds the amount we lost when a bunch of discount invoices got accidentally filed in the wrong place when my supervisor and I rearranged the payment queue one day, and it all “blew up” while I was at Burning Man…so that’s a good thing.  🙂


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