366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 46

Still noodling about the Proust Questionnaire. Of which I’ve found three iterations: a 15-question version he answered at age 13; a 31-question version he took at age 20, which has some questions in common with the shorter one, but not all — that is, the 31 questions aren’t the “original” 15 plus a new bunch; and a 35-question version that combines most if not all of the other two forms less what might be considered “soft” questions, e.g., favorite color, favorite flower, etc.

None of them are the exact list Bowie answered (that being what kicked off this whole questionnaire thing, as you may recall).

And there is some overlap with the character-profile exercises from a class I took at the UCLA Writers’ Conference (back when I had the time and the green and the wheels to make it feasible), although not quite as much as I thought. Well. Maybe not. Haven’t gone over the exercises in detail and compared them to the questionnaires, accounting for differences in presentation (straightforward lists in the exercises vs. more conversationally phrased questions).

Here’s what I’m thinking: the 35-question version, plus adding back enough of the “soft” questions to come to a nice round 40. One question answered each day for 40 days, with the whole list to be included in the entry on the first day. I do reserve the option to skip a “question day” if something else simply begs me to be blogged about instead, but when it happens (okay, or if…it might be an otherwise boring stretch of days, after all), I’ll pick up the questionnaire again the next day.

At least 250 words per question. On some of them I expect that will be easy, but others will be a challenge, most likely because I’ve blogged in that direction before…and I refuse to post a link back to that entry and call it done.  😉  In cases where the question of the day overlaps one from the combined Pivot/Lipton Questionnaire, I’ll do my best to meet my minimum word count without repeating myself too much — I mean, if it bores me to repeat myself, I don’t suppose y’all will find it any more interesting.

So. I guess that’s a plan, then. Could be fun. Will, I think, be a definite stretch, since I don’t generally worry about word count. And I might just go back and check the word count on my previous entries and up the minimum word count, if 250 seems low compared to my average.

I think this is going to be a good thing.

Oh, before I forget, here’s a handy site with the Pivot, Lipton, and two-versions-of-Proust questionnaires, and here’s the 35-question Proust. If you decide to take…well, any of them, if you haven’t already, drop me a link — I’d love to read your answers.



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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 46

  1. I”ve done those tests so many times…plus I’ve been blogging since 2005, and everyone knows everyone about me..

  2. Syd

    Well, hey then, yellowdoggranny, point me at one of them, because I haven’t known you that long! 🙂

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