366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 36

I absolutely loathe not feeling well.

I don’t know whether to “blame” the coworker who came back from his Christmas visit home hacking and wheezing all over the damned place — although I’ve read that for a lot of upper-respiratory crap, the contagious period is before symptoms manifest. This is just a cold, so I think that applies, but it so, I could have picked this up from the air on the bus just as easily.

Anyway. Bleh. Not a happy camper. Which makes me grateful I didn’t have anything on my agenda for today so I could just sleep and read and try to shake this.

Glad I’m not driving tomorrow. Assuming I’m still sneezing when I wake up, I hope my friends will still open the door if I promise not to breathe on them… On the other hand, this has felt pretty fast-moving, so I’m in hopes that I’ll be fine by the time I wake up.

That will be a good thing. Gonna concentrate on that. And sleep sitting up.




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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 36

  1. jp

    Something really is going around. My sister has had a fever and unable to keep anything down for almost a week now. I seem to be dodging the bullet so far. Get well soon!!

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