366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 33

Made it to the grocery store today, since I’m only car-enabled until after work tomorrow. I even had a list!

On the other hand, I’ve rewritten the list so much I don’t remember exactly what I was going to make, with a couple of exceptions.

One thing I definitely wanted was canned pumpkin. No, not for pie. I haven’t yet gotten around to asking my landlady if the oven works…and even if it does, it’s a bit cramped, shall we say. Also I’m not all that confident of my pie-crustian abilities, and since I don’t have any pie plates anyway, I’d most likely stick with a galette — which would leave out pumpkin, being rather too liquid to stay put in a galette.

No, the pumpkin is for a couple of savory recipes, gnocchi with mushrooms in a pumpkin cream sauce, and a pumpkin risotto. Yes, I know, carbs. I’ll be adding protein and more veggies to offset the gnocchi and risotto.  🙂  And I’ll use short-grain brown rice instead of Arborio for the risotto for a little more nutritional oomph.

One thing I very much have been wanting to try is a rice and cabbage not-quite-a-stew and I just reread the recipe and dammit, I forgot to add wine vinegar to my list. Oh, well, I guess that one doesn’t get made just yet. And the weather’s right for what I call my faux cassoulet, which is faux because it doesn’t contain duck confit or ham hocks or home-cooked beans, and it never sees the inside of the oven so it doesn’t get the breadcrumb topping. What it does get is smoked sausage, canned cannellini beans, plenty of onion and garlic, maybe a potato or even a sweet potato, and a decent hit of rosemary.

I do need to make it in a smaller quantity than I usually do, or I’ll get bored with it halfway through the pot.  😉

I’ll read cooking magazines and cookbooks the way some people read novels, been doing so for ages. And I do love to cook. It feels like I’m finally at the point of wanting to cook enough to work around the local inconveniences (size of fridge, lack of freezer, etc.).

This seems to me to be a good thing.



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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 33

  1. jp

    Despite my unfondness for pumpkin the risotto sounds kind of good because, well, risotto. But the casserole sounds quite delicious.

  2. I have a magnet on the fridge….We eat from the 3 food groups: Canned, frozen and take out. Cheers to you for loving to cook, bake and read cookbooks. Me…not so much.

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