366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 32

Got up this morning and dawdled a bit getting out of the house, but I still have the rental for another couple of days so neither that, nor the stopping for coffee because there was frickin’ FROST ON THE ROOF OF THE CAR and the temp display on the dashboard said it was 29 degrees, got in the way of arriving on time for work.


Yes, pie for breakfast, as in “many slices of pie left over from the Christmas Eve luncheon”. So. PIE. Pumpkin pie, to be exact, and I don’t know who they had catering the catered part of the meal (it was part catered, part pot-luck, same as last year’s), but they provided some very nice pumpkin pie.

Not as good as my mom’s, of course, but that would take a bit of effort. She used Libby’s canned pumpkin — not the pie filling, the plain canned pumpkin — and mostly followed the recipe on the can. Except I don’t remember her using evaporated milk in it, I think she used regular milk because she treated the filling as a cooked custard and simmered it a while in her red Dutch oven before filling the pie crusts and baking them.

Of course crusts, plural, since she used the BIG cans of pumpkin, not the small ones. I don’t think Mom ever made fewer than two pumpkin pies at a go. And as I recall, that Dutch oven was quite often four inches deep with pumpkin custard, so a 10-inch deep-dish pie, a standard 9-inch pie, and maybe a couple of custard cups (sans crust) to handle the remainder.

Good thing we both really liked pumpkin.

Anyway, not much of note today, except the pie (yes, I know I’m repeating myself) and the frost on the car (***shiver***). Oh, and I’m taking the train this weekend to visit a couple of friends up the coast a bit. I haven’t been on a real train in ages. Come to think of it, it was 2012, when I took one of the commuter trains to a neighboring county to get to an interview (for a job I didn’t get) and a month or so later, a different commuter train to a different neighboring county to see one of my musician friends play.

No, I don’t count the subway or light rail lines as full-fledged trains. Personal quirk.  😉

Being able to take the train means I don’t have to keep the car another week to see my friends, which is a good thing.



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4 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 32

  1. jp

    I wish I liked pumpkin pie, or rhubard as my SIL made last week, or most pies… I know I’m missing out. On a lot of pie.

    I also wish trains were more of a thing. I’d love to walk down to the corner each morning and catch one to work, or ride one to another city for visits.

  2. I loved pumpkin pie second to cherry.

  3. Mince Pie, a good cup of coffee, a good friend and we discuss books and how beautiful my imaginary pug dog is: a good day

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