366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 28

I had quite a lovely day today. Slept in, which always discombomulates the kittehs somewhat: “Mom, where’s our food? You always give us food when the noisy thing happens, and it usually happens in the dark but it’s light now, and the noisy thing happened, and we’re starving, Mom!”

Translation: yes, normally I feed the cats first thing after the alarm goes off, and five out of seven days that’s before sunup. But I don’t know whether the quality of the light is more their cue, or the alarm, or if it’s simply “The two-legged one is upright! Food appears soon!”  😉

At any rate, slept in, fed the cats, made a cup of coffee, relished not being in the office (just as well, it took me far too long yesterday to lose the crankies after that thing with the gift from the vendor), and made it most of the way through the December issue of Bon Appetit before I had to start getting ready to leave for KURIOS.

Lazy mornings. Good things.

Got on the road about on schedule, and it’s a good thing, because I managed to hit traffic on the way into town. Not too much, but still. I can only imagine what the freeway heading to the airport was like.  :/  On the other hand, I arrived early enough that parking wasn’t bad, in either the taking-too-much-time-to-park sense or the parking-too-far-away sense. And I felt a little thrill of excitement at my first sight of the vividly blue and yellow stripes of the Grand Chapiteau — I think this was only my fourth time seeing Cirque de Soleil, so it hasn’t had the chance to get old. (Heh.)

That would be four times in perhaps 20 years. Definitely not often enough to get old.

Got inside the entrance tent and managed to restrain myself from buying too much merch. No to the coffee mug, no to the shot glass, no to the hoodies in multiple prints, no to all but one of the t-shirts (the awesome design is on the back, which seems a tad odd, but oh well), no to all but one of the fridge magnets…I said no to the goggles, too, which pained me. There were two styles, one of which was really cool. And I quite coveted the top hat one of the staff members was wearing, but I (a) didn’t see one like it for sale and (b) if I had, it would have undoubtedly broken the budget.  🙂

So one t-shirt, one hardcover program book, one fridge magnet. Happy me. Then it was time to enter the main tent.

For buying my ticket at very nearly the last minute, and getting a cheap seat at that, I was in a remarkably good spot: if you marked the round stage like the face of a clock with 12:00 being the entrance from backstage, I was at 10:00, and close enough to see everything but far enough back NOT to be stuck trying to see around the people in front of me — or one of the support towers.

The show was amazing, all my favorite things from a regular circus (sans animals, of course, I’m not a fan of animals in circuses) cranked up to eleven, costumes and artistry and surprises and humor and I’d love to see it again. Probably won’t, but would sure like to.

It was over too soon, as always seems to be the case with fun things, and then it was back to the car and off to have a late lunch and order something to bring home for dinner tomorrow, since I STILL haven’t made it to the store, and then…here we are.

Yep. Lovely day filled with good things.


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