366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 26

I have absolutely no idea what to write about.

Remembered to take my umbrella today and never needed it. Average day at work with neither instances of great things accomplished nor WTF-ery either experienced or avoided. The bus system went through its standard “let’s change the schedules every six months!” a week or so ago, and since this includes changing the drivers on the routes as well, I haven’t had to ride with Worst Driver EVAR, so that’s been nice.

Finally jarred loose and got myself a warm jacket. Not that I didn’t have outerwear, but until today it consisted of a choice between (a) a sweater that didn’t come with buttons or (b) the unlined rain slicker. Advantages of (a) are the fact it wears like iron, is machine washable and dryable, and sleeves long enough to cover my hands if I want. Disadvantages: not a very tight weave, so if the wind picks up, I feel it, and…no buttons, which the vast majority of the time is fine with me, since I run 10 degrees hotter than almost everyone I know, but again, when it’s windy, buttons would be nice. Also, not waterproof, which is the primary virtue of choice (b), the rain slicker. (b) also has a hood, and because it was designed as an “outermost” layer over a sweater or light jacket, if it’s raining really hard I have room to carry the purse inside the slicker. And a zipper, and a flap over the zipper with velcro patches so it cuts down on wind infiltrating the zipper (or allows for closure of jacket without bothering with the zipper, an especially convenient feature if carrying the purse on the inside.

Major drawbacks of (b) are the hood being so deep it falls down over my eyes unless I fold it back a few inches (secondary good thing: this helps keep the rain from dripping into my face), and…hot. If I wear it when I get on the bus on a cold morning and the bus is crowded AND the driver has decided everyone must be freezing so let’s crank up the heater, shall we?, I’ve damned near sweated through my clothes by the time I get to work.

Both choices are useful, but I needed something heavier/more wind resistant than (a), and I have an umbrella so I don’t generally need to bother with (b) getting to and from work. Hence, new jacket. A bit on the casual side, but soft and cuddly without being constricting, less “flappy” than the Sweater of No Buttons but with a hood of non-blindfolding depth. If it had come in deep green or dark sapphire, it would have been perfect, but dark wine is gonna work just fine.  🙂

And new gloves, since the only other pair I have is not really practical. Or warm. They’re dress gloves, really, black suede with sheepskin (okay, faux) trim. Steve gave them to me ages and ages ago. Lovely gloves. But not driving gloves, if I had a car, and not very warm. Also just a hair too small — I think he tried them on and figured if they fit him, they’d fit me. But I have large hands, relatively speaking, and let’s face it, it’s tough not to have chubby fingers if the rest of you could stand to lose a few pounds. So those black suede gloves, lovely as they are, are just tight enough to interfere with bending my fingers to, say, hold my umbrella.

Did I mention they’re not very warm?

(At this point I have to assume my friends in places that get really cold (Syracuse, Reno, Wisconsin) are rolling their eyes, but it’s all about the conditions to which one gets acclimated. That’s my story, anyway. Sticking to it.  😉  )

Avoided the temptation to stop for fast food. Tomorrow I pick up my rental car, so I can do some shopping for real food. nothing frozen, and not huge quantities, but at least the freezer being iced solid means the rest of the compartment is consistently cold enough to keep my food fresh!

And having taken off the half-day I would have had to work on Christmas Eve, that means tomorrow is my last day in the office before a four-day weekend! With Circque! And visiting friends! And…other stuff! Yay me!

Really. Yay.  😀

***scrolls up***

Hmmm. It appears I found something to talk about after all. But those who know me…are you really surprised?



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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 26

  1. jp

    There should really be some kind of prize for consecutive blogging days. I think I made it up to 3 once. 🙂 Enjoy your long holiday weekend!

  2. Girl; so glad you are back on the blog; I took over a year off, and wordpress is updated; I hope I can get back on soon; it produces writing for me, and then we can blah blah to each other in cyber space from our blog pens!

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