366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 25

You know what I’m grateful for? The Internet.

This amazing thing where you can type a few characters and find out damned near anything.

Chat “face to face” with people in another city, or halfway ’round the world.

Keep in touch with people you don’t get to see nearly often enough.

Contribute to worthy causes.

Find out if your causes are, in fact, worthy.

Learn how the other half lives, works, thinks, regardless of how you define “other half”.

Find old friends.

Make new friends.

Read old books.

Read new books, whether officially published or via some less traditional path.

Find new music.

Follow the links down the rabbit hole and see how far away from your original topic you wind up. (Pretty far, sometimes. Fun times.)

Find recipes.

Learn about ingredients.

Educate and entertain yourself at the safe time.

Like any other human enterprise, of course, it’s not an unmixed blessing: there’s a whole lot of lies, half-truths, confabulations, misinformation, hatred, anger, glorifications of violence, obfuscation, misdirection…it can be hard to separate facts from fiction, sometimes.

So worth the search, though. So worth the effort. And all of it at our fingertips in pieces of technology that were quite literally science fiction as recently as twenty years ago, e.g., the PADDs on Star Trek: The Next Generation — nice tablet/iPad/e-reader you’ve got there, Captain Picard. And there are probably better examples but that’s the one that popped into my head, so there ya go.

Isn’t it amazing living in the future?



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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 25

  1. So….can you help me find out the name of the song in the Christmas commercial for Pandora jewelry because I can’t no matter how many ways I write the query. Female voices…some lyrics…love, love, love, I’m about to fall in love. Without the good old net I wouldn’t have been able to read blogs.

  2. jp

    Yes! The future is quite grand, most of the time. Including the communicators that we can carry in our pocket (which, I might add, exceed much of the functionality Picard or Kirk ever had to contend with.) Still anxious for replicators and holodecks. Transporters are still kind of scary though. #geekforever

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