366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 17

It rained this afternoon into this evening, and ‘long about dinnertime I thought soup might be nice. Soup being, after all, a warming sort of thing, and flavorsome. But unfortunately, my plans to cook this weekend didn’t come to fruition, mostly because I planned to get groceries on Saturday at a place where I change buses from the one that gets me halfway home (or almost) from my stylist’s to the one that completes the journey.

So I descended from Bus 1, had a nice lunch, then went to the store. It’s a branch of that store famously nicknamed…hmmm, don’t really want to give them even a little bit of traffic, should they have search engines set up to find all mentions of them, so I will tapdance around it and say their actual name rhymes with “Hole” and the second name in the nickname is “Paycheck” because cheap, they ain’t.  ***rolls eyes***

I’ve gone in before now and then, on the outbound trip to my stylist’s, to get a cup of coffee and maybe a wee pastry to tide me over, but I hadn’t really explored the place.

I would have found it cramped to the point of claustrophobia (which I don’t have) even without the crowds. And either it really is a smaller-than-average branch, and therefore doesn’t carry most of what I was looking for, or failing to find the first couple of things I was after in what seemed the most reasonable locations irritated me. Not finding the next couple of things irritated me more. Oh, well, I’ll know better next time not to bother with them, but it threw off my plans as far as cooking is concerned, and then I didn’t feel like going out in the rain to remedy the situation, and so…

Nothing in the house except random ingredients looking for a cohesive plan, only none of what I’d planned to make included most of them. Or the ones that did needed the stuff I’d planned to get at the store in order to be DINNER.

Then I discovered I didn’t even have a can of soup in the place. This also irritated me. However, closing the door to the top cupboard where I’d failed to find A Can of Soup brought me face-to-face with an oil painting that I have to hang from a cupboard knob because I have virtually no wall space on which to hang anything. So, cupboard knob. And painting.

The background is mostly yellow but deepens to green along the top edge. When you look more closely, though, it’s not plain yellow, there are washes of pink and purple and the same greens as at the top, kind of like when the sky starts to change colors at sundown. The foreground is a small creature, white, with stubby arms and stubby legs and apple-green eyes, standing atop a vivid red half-sphere. One stubby arm is braced against a curve of darker green touched with brown as the figure looks off into the distance as if planning its next conquest.

For the name of the painting, you see, is N’appleoneon, Emperor of Fruit, and he stands atop a ripe red apple and dreams of conquest and possibly making salad of his enemies. If this works the way it ought to, clicking here should pop you not just to the website of the artist, Eugenia Mancini Horan, but to a photo of the painting. (And if it doesn’t work, I’ll ask if I can upload her photo of the painting instead.)

It makes me happy every time I see it — and I see it all the time. I’m grateful I could buy it, and grateful I have a place to hang it, even though it deserves so much better than a knob on a cupboard door.  🙂



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2 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 17

  1. But…..does the small white creature make soup for dinner? The colors are bright and complex…just as you described them. I liked Puppet Anxiety…a kitty puppet on her hand….and Let Go 2.

  2. Syd

    Maybe fruit soup, rosemary… 😉 And I’m glad you like Gina’s art–I think it’s pretty much fantastic myself.

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