366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 1

Originally (and still) posted on the Book of Face, but since I’ve been planning to get back to blogging, the posts will go on my blog with a link from FB. The only change from there to here is that “Thanksgiving Day” in the third paragraph was “yesterday” in the FB post. Other than that, same here as there. And that said, here we go:

The beginning of my 366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things project. Yes, there may be days when it’s something small or silly, and there will days away from the computer when I won’t be posting (*cough*Burning Man*cough*)–but I’ll make notes and catch up when I get back.

To start, a story from Thanksgiving Day,

when I took a bus and a bus and a light-rail train and a light-rail train and a bus to get over the hill (and over a river, but not through the woods…) to the home of the friends who had invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. And as I waited on the platform to change from Light Rail Route 1 to Light Rail Route 2, I looked over and saw…one of the homeless men who was a “day client” at the shelter where I lived for six months. (He sat down across from me at breakfast one day and told me some long, involved story about an actor who was the son of a politician, or vice versa, and included at least two conspiracy theories that I recall.)

So who does he pick, from that platform full of people, to ask whether the next train is going to be Light Rail Route 2 or the other one? Yep. I have no idea if he recognized me at all or he just happened to be looking at me when the question occurred to him. Honestly, I’d be surprised if he remembered much of anything from one day to the next. So he asked, and I said I didn’t know, and he walked away, and then the train came.

Three or four stops from the end of the route (which is how far I was going), a couple boarded the car I was in. The young woman and I made eye contact, and then both of us were, “Wait, I know you…” They were also in the shelter when I was there, and we all exchanged hugs and started talking. I’d wondered if they were doing okay, and they’d wondered if I was, and I’m happy to report that yes, we all are. And they don’t even live that far from me. They got off the train a stop or two before I did after more hugs…and then I quite literally covered my face with my hands trying not to either hyperventilate or cry.

So. I am grateful for the good people I met–and the friends I kept–when my life went to crap. They made it bearable, and I had a much easier time of it than I would have had without them.



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4 responses to “366 Days of Gratitude and Good Things: Day 1

  1. Auld Hat

    ‘like’ (Facebook has it’s hooks in me deep, friend)

  2. Sorry Syd – I somehow missed this on the Book of Face (I love it and I am stealing it!!! no borrowing it if I may?) It seems that gratitude is seldom expressed these days so I shall look forward to each day – and the reminder that it brings of what I have to be thankful for.


  3. Syd

    No worries, Willym! šŸ˜‰ And you may certainly borrow or steal that particular locution, as I borrowed it myself from a website for which the real name of that social media site activates the spam trap in a BIG way.

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