Cold Fiction

I went to Reno to see my friends The Novelists play a show for New Year’s Eve (AND IT ROCKED!! 😀 ). After the show, a bunch of us went out for a bite to eat at the…unfortunately but memorably named Lucky Beaver. The hamburgers and fries were yummeh in the extreme, and since the place is so close to the airport, Joel (founder of The Novelists) and Julia (the Wonder-Wife 😉 ) offered to drop me off to catch my…6:00 AM flight headed home.
Yes, I did a turnaround trip to see a show. It isn’t the first time. 🙂

Anyway, also along to be dropped off not-at-the-airport was Justin, drummer extraordinaire for the band. And in the course of conversation, mostly about how the heater didn’t seem to be doing much heating, I said something about the witch, the well-digger and the brass monkey having a confab. Justin looked at me and said, in effect, “Wha?”

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