You’ve seen a little about where I’m From. Now let’s look a different direction: the opposite of “from”…

Except it doesn’t work quite that way when I write it; I can say “I’m from,” but I can’t say “I’m to.” It has to be something else, like “I’m going to” or “I’m heading to,” and neither of those has quite the same quality as the simple “I’m from.”

But I have come from, and there is now a to.

There’s going to my second week at a new job. A reality I kept quiet for a long time, afraid something would come along and pull the rug out from under me: “Oh, that job offer we said you’d get? PSYCH! Not happening, sorry to get your hopes up!” That didn’t happen.

The job did.

And after my first week I can say I’m really happy to have it to go to, not just from the supporting-myself standpoint, although that’s huge. But I feel as if they’re telling the truth when they told the group of new employees that we were chosen because we were exceptional candidates and the company felt we had a lot to offer. I am fascinated by the company from a business standpoint, and extremely pleased by everyone I’ve met so far, newbie and otherwise. I feel as if I fit somewhere again. It’s a good feeling.

And slowly but surely, if I succeed at my job — and trust me, I plan to! — I’ll have a place of my own to go to as well. At the moment, I’m renting a bedroom, but there was a miscommunication about my cats. So I either have to foster some of them (and pay toward their care, of course) with the understanding that I’ll get the little fuzzballs back when I can afford to rent an apartment…or I have to find a cat-friendly but affordable apartment. Pool house. Room. Whatever. I just got them back — they all slept with me the last two nights, and are finally seeming less shell-shocked by no longer being in little pens at the vet’s — and the thought of having to farm some of them again so soon hurts like hell.

Of course, so would losing this room without an alternative lodging. So if I could ask y’all for some good mojo of the affordable-housing or foster-kitties kind, I’d really appreciate it.

Because I want to keep moving forward.

I want to

keep moving